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2018 Digital Trends by Mary Meeker

2018 digital trends by mary meeker



Want to understand all the most important tech stats and trends? In May 2018, legendary venture capitalist Mary Meeker released the 2018 version of her famous Internet Trends report. 

It covers everything from mobile to commerce to the competition between tech giants. 

The team at OCD analysed and extracted the 20 most important parts of the 294 page report. 

  1. Internet adoption and Growth
  2. Mobile usage
  3. Mobile ads and budget dollars
  4. Crypto
  5. Voice: The rise and rise
  6. Daily usage
  7. Tech investment
  8. Ecommerce vs Brick & Mortar
  9. Amazon: More people start product searches on Amazon than search engines now.
  10. Amazon Vs. Alibaba
  11. Subscription services
  12. Education
  13. Freelancing
  14. Transportation: People are buying fewer cars, keeping them longer, and shifting transportation spend to rideshare, which saw rides double in 2017.
  15. Enterprise
  16. China Native tech companies taking over the world.
  17. China and AI
  18. China and Video
  19. China and Privacy
  20. Immigration
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