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DON Smallgoods Website Integration With SKUvantage Case Study

How to Manage Your Product Information in Half the Time

Imagine a situation where you only had to go to ONE place to keep all your product information up to date, across all digital assets, in just one click?


Digital Asset management tools such as SKUvantage provide a one-stop-shop for your product content requirements. Our client DON Smallgoods had utilised the advantages of the SKUvantage for years in order to manage and distribute their product content (SKU's), yet this service had never before been integrated into a website.

An Australian First 

Online Circle Digital has years of experience building digital solutions for our clients based on our goal to "Help our clients work less, and make their brands rich and famous". When we were approached by DON Smallgoods to develop their new website we raised the question - can we leverage the investment in SKUvantage to ensure current and accurate information is reflected on the website?

Together, Online Circle Digital and SKUvantage developed Australia's very first integrated website (link to http://isdonisgood.com.au/ranges). 

The Results

 As a result of the integration, DON’s are able to:

  • Reached over 3 million Australians
  • 15.7m impressions served
  • Saw over 20,000 reactions, comments & shares
  • Drove over 178 hours of egagement time 
  • Spend on video Canvas Ad series 11x greater than standard video posts
  • One third of consumers engaged with multiple video Canvas Ads
  • Retarget consumers who engaged with Canvas Ads drove 38% greater engagements


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